29 Apr

Everything You Ought To Know About Downloading YouTube Videos

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The main concern about downloading YouTube videos is its legal aspect. As long as it is for your personal offline use it may be considered legal. Google’s terms say that you cannot download any content unless it says ‘download’. As people make a living out of creating videos, by watching these videos offline, the creator’s will lose their income. So, downloading YouTube videos is a big no. If there is an absolute need to download an audio, you can try YT music downloader. There are several more articles about downloading videos at extremetech.com .

Software For Controlling Downloads
By pasting the URL of the YouTube video into third-party software, you can obtain the highest quality version in MP4 format. YouTube videos were all used to be flash-based so, the download was FLV files which were harder to playback. But now MP4 multimedia format plays on everything. Here are few options

· 4K video Downloader frequently gets updated and offers clear download links. These links grab videos to 4K quality and download them to many formats. Even subtitles and an entire YouTube channel could be downloaded. The websites are limited to Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube, but mostly everything you require is covered by them.

· Freemake Video Downloader grabs YouTube videos in any format and lets you download multiple videos at the same time. Freemake claims that it could download videos from more than 10000 sites. It also can grab a 2 hour HD video in 4 minutes, but internet connection speed acts as a deciding factor. Freemake allows you to grab only music out of the video by Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom. Freemake gives an extra third-party antivirus program when you install and force changes your search engine to Yahoo in all browsers. If you do not want this or any program, do the custom install to avoid changes to your system that are unwanted. It is up to you to trust Freemake and its antivirus program claims.

· DL Now video Downloader has over 570 sites to download a video. It does the MP3 version if you want only the audio. DL Now Downloader can even grab multiple videos or live stream at once in the best possible quality and it is absolutely free.

Helper Sites
If you want to avoid installing software, then helper sites will do the work for you by providing the conversion and the download link. It can take a bit longer, but you can’t ignore the convenience as you do not have to install anything. There are a few helper sites which stand out like KeepVid, TubeNinja, convert ToAudio.com and VIDFB.com which makes downloading your desired content easier.

IPhone And Tablets
It is possible to install apps on android without going through Google since you can’t actually download anything with the official YouTube apps. As Google and Apple don’t interfere with each other’s business, there are workarounds that guide you how to download videos on the phone or tablet. By using iOS file manager app or cloud storage (backup platform), you can transfer videos over a USB cable to the iPhone.